Help for the isolated and vulnerable

Need support with shopping?
If you are struggling to get essential goods then we are here to help. Our amazing volunteers can bring those vital supplies to you! We aim to deal with you request as quickly as possible but depending on the urgency of it we may have to prioritise other requests. We can also organise a regular phone call from one of volunteers for chat to break up the day.

Unfortunately, our Project cannot deliver personal care. Just to make it clear if you have the means and access to do things for yourself then you should do it and leave our volunteers to help people most isolated from others and most in need of a helping hand.

To reach out for our help please either…

Call 01738 444061

(between 9am-1pm and 5-9pm Monday to Friday and 9am-1pm Saturday and Sunday)


OR fill in the form by clicking here

About our project

North Perth COVID19 Community Support Project is bringing together the resources of some of our local community organisations to provide support, especially to the needs of the most vulnerable in the North Perth communities during the coronavirus pandemic. We believe we can do this by doing shopping, making/providing food parcels, picking medication or making contact calls to check in with people who are isolated during the current pandemic.

There is no charge for any of these services, apart for the repayment for shopping.

If you think you could help us you join as a volunteer by completing this simple on line form here