Needing help as result of COVID 19?

Up until now North Perth and Perth City Centre COVID 19 Community Support Group has been helping people who need support in our communities as result of COVID 19 pandemic. As we are getting use to our new ‘normal’, we are finding that people are learning to cope with the new rules and guidance that are keeping us safe, and we are getting fewer requests for support. Our volunteers are also fewer, as people head back to work.

This is all good news, but we know either through the second wave of the virus or a spike in local infections, that help will be needed once again. We are also aware that through Test and Protect, some households may need to self-isolate again and might need a little bit of help while this is going on.

  • Letham Residents: 01738 444061
  • Tulloch Residents: 07790 518 041
  • Fairfield Residents: 07790 518 041
  • Muirton: 07811 263092
  • North Muirton: 07875 678731
  • Bertha Park: 07837 069565

We will do our best to get support to you as soon as possible. Or complete this simple online form.