The closing date for nominations to fill a vacant position on the Letham4All SCIO Board of Trustees is Friday 23rd of December. Adoption of the new Trustee will take place at an Open Meeting Tuesday 10th of January at 6.30 pm in the Letham Community Club, where members of Letham4All will approve the appointment.

Anyone who is a member of Letham4All, who lives in Letham, or who has the best interests of Letham at heart can be nominated to be part of our Board. Being a trustee on our Board comes with responsibilities and will involve attending our Board meetings and undertaking activities and work as agreed by the Board. Being a Trustee on the Board involves participation at the strategic level of planning and ensuring our organisation achieves its vision, is fair and inclusive, and has the resources to work on our 4 Strategic Priorities. Our Trustees do not have a role in the day-to-day running of what we do, and they do not have any direct management of staff or volunteers, this is solely the responsibility of the Chair.

If you are interested in filling this vacancy and would like to learn more about it please call Jon Kidd, Chair of Letham4All on 07783809049 or Suzie Burt at 07811263092.

Anyone who wants to get involved and be on the Board needs to be nominated by 2 ordinary members and they need to complete the nomination form which you can find here, or you can contact Suzie Burt at to request copies of these forms.