A big thank you shout to Daz and all his staff at our local Co-op Store on Rannoch Road. So apart from being on our doorstep, offering good service, and helping customers benefit from membership of the Co-op, they also do an amazing job of supporting the community as well.

Letham4All’s Oot The Hoose Project along with Letham Climate Challenge and Friends of  Letham Primary School Parent Council are all working to support our community, young and old, and helping to tackle climate challenge, as chosen local good causes for this year. This means we will get a share of a pot of money that is put into members’ accounts when they buy Co-op products, 2p in every pound. Members can then nominate one of the 3 local good causes to receive a share of this pot of money. The more nominations a project gets the bigger the share of the pot they receive.

By becoming a member of the Co-op, you also benefit from a share in the profits and you will see how much you can earn on your receipts when you show your membership card every time you buy something. So good for you and good for your community. Please think about joining the Co-op, it’s not too late to choose one of the 3 local good causes working in Letham to make a difference to people in our community.

You can find out more about being a member here