Letham4All SCIO is delighted to receive an award from the Perth Harbour Community Fund in support of our Oot The Hoose project which will support the recovery of COVID 19 for the 60+  in our community. #Harbour Helps.

Letham4All has received  £2000 from Perth Harbour Community Fund  which will support the delivery over the next 12 months of the Letham4All 60+ Project, providing a range of activities to help people to recover from the impact of COVID 19 on their health and wellbeing. The project was launched very recently with the Oot The Hoose Group, a weekly social group that offers a 6-week programme of taster sessions to allow people to try different activities and help them to reconnect safely in their community. The project also offers a weekly health walk in the community. If you would like more information about any of these activities please email Shoina Kennedy at oth@letham4al.org.uk or read all about it in the OTH Newsletter.