Letham4All is absolutely delighted to receive a grant of £5,000 from The Guildry Incorporation of Perth, which means we have enough funds in place to purchase a minibus for use in the community. Lord Dean of the Guildry Incorporation of Perth made the presentation of the funding to Board Member Liz Blackley. Chair of Letham4All, Jon Kidd said ‘This is just amazing! Having access to community transport will make a huge difference to the people and projects supported by Letham4All and other community organisations we work with. The cost of transport can add thousands of pounds to the costs of delivering projects. It is so prohibitive. Having our own minibus means that we can enhance what we do with the community, offering chances for trips beyond Perth for young and old.’

Letham4All has also been successful in the application to the Robertson Trust Community Vehicle Fund, which secured £7,500 and has managed to raise £15,000 from fundraising and donations. Letham4All Business and Development Manager, Gordon Ferguson explained, ‘ The grant from The Guildry Incorporation of Perth makes the dream of Letham4All minibus a reality and in our growing role as a Community Anchor organisation the minibus will be beneficial to a lot of people through our partnership working, a real asset to working with communities .’