Letham4All staff and volunteers wanted to bring a little cheer during the festive period and worked on the Treats4All Project to deliver over 200 bags of christmas treats to local families. Working with our Local Co-op Community Pioneer , Emma Gerrad , a plan was put into action to make the aspiration a reality, and the generousity of local businesses when they found out what they were trying to achieve was amazing. Gifts poured into the Letham Community Hub to fill over 200 double bag parcels and when Christmas drew near they were distributed by Letham4All SCIO and Co-Op Staff locally , through the Muirton and South Perth Community Food Shares, The Community Fridge4All Project and local agencies who knew exactly the right people who would benefit for the Treats4All Project.

Letham4All would like to thank Westmains Co-op, Rannoch Road Co-op, PKC Youth Services, Clintons Cards, Letham Resdient Association, PKC Housing, William Wilson Trade, Perth Gospel Hall, Poundland, Stewarts Biscuits , PKC Parking Attendants , Tesco and Asda for the fantastic support for this project.

It has been a truly difficult year,  but the continous love and generosity of our local community, services and business, shines a light in dark times. Knowing we are all here for one and another will see us through to better days.