Letham4All SCIO were delighted to hear their dream of refurbishing the former Letham Recreation Centre and transforming it into a Community Health and Wellbeing Hub came a step closer to reality this week. Perth and Kinross Council, working with the charity, applied for £1 million to the Scottish Governments’ Scottish Regeneration Capital Grant Funding and it is set to be approved.

This is just amazing! We are all so excited about this and all our hard work to keep the dream of a Letham Community Hub alive has been worth it. We have worked positively with Council over the last 18 months to get to this stage, and we are thankful for the support they have given us to help us achieve our aspirations for our community.” said Jon Kidd, Chair of Letham4All. “We are working on 2 more applications for Capital Funding to make up the shortfall for the refurbishment of the building. The Council have put aside £1.245 million, which would have been used to bring the buildings’ heating and electrical systems up to date and some redecoration, but this is a game changer. It means we can still hope to make additions to the building, transforming it for our community.”

Vice Chair Margaret Brown said “We just have never given up on this project, and since Letham4All took the occupancy of the old recreation center, just over a year ago, the level of activity in the building has grown. We offer something for everyone, young and old, and it is helping bring people together to help themselves and others. We have continued to work with the Council to create this wonderful place and news of the success of the application is just wonderful. We have never given up on our goal and this is such a fantastic morale booster for all of us.