Despite the challenging times , Letham4All are celebrating a National Lottery windfall of £750,000 to help us realise our dream of transforning the former Letham Recreation Centre and Housing Office to a redesigned , extended and refurbished Community Well Being Hub.

Their aspiration took a nose dive when the Council needed to cut the capital funding for the project in 2018 , but almost 2 years to the day of that taking that decision,  the Community , Letham4All SCIO and Council now have all the additonal funding in place to complete the project. The Scottish Government have contributed £1 million pounds and the Council added an additonal £1 million pounds to their existing ring fenced budget of £1.245million for the project. The National Lottery have awarded Letham4All SCIO £750,000 to top up the shortfall in the capital funding required and covered revenue costs for Letham4All for the next 2 years.

Jon Kidd, Chair, Letham4All, said: “We are delighted with this award from the National Lottery Community Fund. The difference this will make to our community cannot be adequately put into words. This funding will breathe life into the community hub through total refurbishment and allow us to engage with so many more people in a meaningful and productive way to tackle the inequalities faced by our communities.” 

Announcing today’s funding to 320 projects in Scotland, The National Lottery Community Fund’s Scotland Director, Neil Ritch, said: “These awards, made possible by National Lottery players, recognise the incredible work happening across Scotland to create stronger, more connected communities.  I am delighted that some of this funding will be used to transform existing buildings into vibrant community hubs that will carry on the strong community spirit that has been so evident in recent times.