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Our Place , Our Future , Our Choice Funding Applications

The Our Place , Our Future , Our Choice Funding Application is now ready for you to download and apply. What would you spend £1500 on to help your community?

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  1. Liz Swan

    I would look at starting up a card making / paper craft group. There are plenty Art / Craft groups, but nothing specifically for Papercraft as this is a big thing at the moment. It’s cheaper to make cards than buy them as I find I can never find the one that I want!!

    • Jon Kidd

      Hi Liz

      thank you for your idea for a paper craft group. We have a group that runs on Tuesday at lunch time which does all kinds of crafts including paper craft and they might be interested in working with you to establish more paper/card making crafts. Can I pass on your details to them? Would you like to talk us about submitting an application for funding to start up your own group?


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